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From services to Internet memes, back around to oddments and rants.

Review of Susan Cain’s Quiet

Oh hai! As with previous fall semesters, I’ve been busy with graduate school. I’m currently taking two amazing courses, an intensive on digital copyright and another on the Hyperlinked Library (a.k.a., Library 2.0). For the latter, I wrote a book report on Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop […]

Working in groups: the prelude

As mentioned earlier, I’ve had both good and bad team work experiences. Some of the worst occurred in school, some of the best occurred during employment. So I enter a graduate program strongly emphasizing teamwork with a mix of trepidation and eagerness. Fear of loss of control and fear of conflict: “They are not thorough […]

Online life in graduate school

I’ve spent several years in the software and Internet sector, as well as taken online classes. Nevertheless, I’ll still have a lot to learn both technically and socially when it comes to taking graduate school courses online. Actually, a more appropriate phrase would be attending graduate school online, because attending emphasizes how this will be […]

Finally upgraded my theme…

Another hiatus ended! Two sets of reasons: Quite a bit of on-then-off-then-on-again housework being done within the last few months, which caused some schedule chaos. (But: New bookshelves in the living room! New garage door! Ancient, hazardous gas heater finally removed! New storage loft in garage!) And then I decided to not post another entry […]

Dishes prepared quasi-regularly

Sonya has wondered several times about creating a database of recipes that our friends use on a regular basis. For good reason, too: It’s a fine idea to see what constitutes day to day eating in other households! Although it’s more like dishes we prepare vaguely periodically, since some ingredients are seasonal, and our moods […]

A year with GreenCine

I’ve been using GreenCine’s DVD rental service for over a year. On the whole, my opinion of GreenCine has become pretty much similar to that of Netflix. Both are slow with delivery. Furthermore, both have huge catalogs, yet they almost never respond to customer suggestions for DVD additions. Shipping was damn fast when GreenCine had […]

LibraryThing’s top unread books meme

A couple of friends have posted responses to LibraryThing’s top unread books lists. Aha! I thought, a good way to write about books I have (or, er, haven’t) read. This is a popular blogging meme, yet none of the blogs (mostly on LiveJournal) include a link to the actual list —perhaps because it’s dynamically generated […]

A general food meme

Haven’t posted a meme oriented entry ’till now. Considering this site’s content, it’s appropriate. I’m sure this meme has already made the rounds —just not with me. 😉 Yoinked from Kathleen. What are your favorite foods? So many! I’ll cheat and list (some of) my favorite cuisines: Californian, French, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern (e.g., […]

Hello GreenCine, Goodbye Netflix

After a couple months of testing, I’ve decided to continue my DVD rentals through GreenCine, instead of Netflix. (As well as borrowing more from local libraries. :-D) The first four or so years with Netflix was both fun and useful. But the throttling killed it for me. While it’s great that I could export my […]

Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life project was announced (1). Wow, this sounds very exciting! Timewarp… When I was a little kid, I used to have a subscription to Safari Animal Wildlife Cards —a mail order service suspiciously similar to those recipe card subscriptions from the 1970s. Nice, easy to read, tabular descriptions, color-coded habitats and maps, […]