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Linky: Best videos from 2008

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2009! Viral videos are a never-ending source of distraction on the ‘Net. But here are links to ones I found the most amusing. (Yes, some may have come out before 2008, but in my usual tardiness I stumbled upon them in 2008.) Enjoy! An Engineer’s Guide to Cats (YouTube […]

Encyclopedia of Life: Initial launch

Last year I had eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Encyclopedia of Life (EoL). Entries on individual species became viewable on 28 February, a few months earlier than the projected mid-2008 deadline. Coolness! Currently they have twenty-four exemplar species pages, tens of thousands of authenticated (but not detailed) species pages, and about a million other […]

LibraryThing’s top unread books meme

A couple of friends have posted responses to LibraryThing’s top unread books lists. Aha! I thought, a good way to write about books I have (or, er, haven’t) read. This is a popular blogging meme, yet none of the blogs (mostly on LiveJournal) include a link to the actual list —perhaps because it’s dynamically generated […]

Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life project was announced (1). Wow, this sounds very exciting! Timewarp… When I was a little kid, I used to have a subscription to Safari Animal Wildlife Cards —a mail order service suspiciously similar to those recipe card subscriptions from the 1970s. Nice, easy to read, tabular descriptions, color-coded habitats and maps, […]

Delicious orange cake

Today I tried out the Gâteau Piège recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini. The result was delicious: a tender, orange flavored cake which reminded me of a slightly crumbly pound cake. Baking it also made the house pleasantly sweet-smelling. Thanks, Clotilde! Modifications: I used only 1/3 cup of orange juice, which came from one and half […]

The Ultimate Slide

Photos from Carsten Höller’s slide installation at the Tate Modern. Wish I could play on that!

Eau d’ Pissenlit

Which is to say, Dandelion cologne. The Demeter Frangrance Library has a multitude of scents you’d never think of. Like Paperback and Poison Ivy. For educational purposes, I’m sure. [via BoingBoing]