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LibraryThing’s top unread books meme

A couple of friends have posted responses to LibraryThing’s top unread books lists. Aha! I thought, a good way to write about books I have (or, er, haven’t) read. This is a popular blogging meme, yet none of the blogs (mostly on LiveJournal) include a link to the actual list —perhaps because it’s dynamically generated […]

A general food meme

Haven’t posted a meme oriented entry ’till now. Considering this site’s content, it’s appropriate. I’m sure this meme has already made the rounds —just not with me. 😉 Yoinked from Kathleen. What are your favorite foods? So many! I’ll cheat and list (some of) my favorite cuisines: Californian, French, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern (e.g., […]