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Spiced chicken apple “sausage” patties

To my sadness, our local Whole Foods no longer carries (at least not regularly) delicious chicken apple-spice sausages. I found a good reference for poultry sausage recipes, and decided to make some patty-style “sausages” — in quotes since I don’t have casings. These patties work nicely for the toad in the hole dish! Also, the […]

Yorkshire pudding with poultry sausages, or toad in the hole

After many years of trying to encourage volume and height in our Yorkshire pudding attempts, I finally found a dependable recipe via Jamie Oliver. This is yet another variation on popovers, where an eggy batter needs rest (if containing gluten), a hot oven, and a well-greased pan. With sausages, this becomes the comforting dish, toad […]

Carrot soup with cumin

This soup was inspired by the carrot velouté scented with coriander+cumin foam I had at the Musée d’Orsay’s Café Campana in February. Hm, “inspired” isn’t quite the right word; more like “became obsessed with until recreated in our own kitchen.” I suppose this could be made vegetarian, but it tastes best with a well-made chicken […]

Yedoro tibs: Ethiopian boneless chicken stew

Ethiopian cuisine offers such a wide range of vegetable dishes that it’s easy to go meatless. However, yedoro tibs (a.k.a., doro tibs) is one of the few meat dishes I really enjoy. The boneless chicken is in an easy munchable size, and the rich sauce has such depth! Yedoro tibs on (yep, store-bought) injera. Yedoro […]

Chicken stock

Chicken, seafood and vegetable stocks are liquid gold. Not only are they essential for soups, but for a wide variety of sauces, they’re indispensable. I’m somewhat surprised I never managed to post a recipe for chicken stock, so here it is. For an added roasty flavor, I bake the chicken carcass beforehand in a 375ºF […]

An extremely untraditional cassoulet involving green lentils

I often enjoy dishes made with chickpeas and lentils. But my répertoire is deficient in recipes where these delightful legumes participate. So this brings me to the cassoulet, or rather “cassoulet,” which I recently made. The only vaguely French ingredients are green lentils (from France, yet not the Flageolet beans of traditional cassoulet), duck confit, […]

Americans say chicken stewed in red wine; French say Coq au Vin

Over here in the West, Autumn hasn’t decided yet to descend upon us. But when the weather does turn cold, it’s hard for me to resist tender poultry steeped in a rich sauce. This recipe is adapted from the coq au vin recipe in The Joy of Cooking. Many steps, but worth the time. It’s […]


Homemade moussaka always seems to be a prolonged, multi-step process. But, oh so tasty. Especially since you can choose what goes in it! Some people love adding carrots and zucchini, but as much as I love those, I prefer to keep the texture simple with the eggplant and potatoes as the vegetable layers.

Pizza with chicken, cheese & chutney

Here’s an example of my being a food mutant: I don’t like pizza. To clarify: I don’t like deep dish pizzas, which are far too soggy. Thin crusts tend to change my mind. I don’t like tomato sauces —oh, I love tomatoes, sauces and tomato sauces, but on pizzas the gloppiness issue crops up again. […]

Chicken marinated in lemon, saffron & yogurt

Sometimes it’s tricky to find a good chicken kebab. Sometimes too tough or dry. Sometimes bland. A recipe on Chowhound for jujeh kebab looked quite approachable and intriguing. Indeed, the long marination with lemon and yogurt results in a very tender dish. Here is a version with my usual mods and shifts, fit for chicken […]