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Worst writing boo-boo’s boobooes typos

Eegad, once again I sent off an email with a word missing, making my message sound ambiguous. As well as just plain sloppy. The compulsive ferret in my brain pushes me to send yet another email with the corrections. And so it goes, even with published webpages such as blog posts. Lorelle’s encouraging Blogging Challenge […]

Dragging my feet

This site is about my hobbies. I’ve posted a lot on food, a little about software, and even a teensy bit about gardening and plants. But I haven’t written up much about another big interest of mine: stories. Novels, comic books, animation, and occasionally television and movies. I just love consuming tales and histories! I’ve […]

Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life project was announced (1). Wow, this sounds very exciting! Timewarp… When I was a little kid, I used to have a subscription to Safari Animal Wildlife Cards —a mail order service suspiciously similar to those recipe card subscriptions from the 1970s. Nice, easy to read, tabular descriptions, color-coded habitats and maps, […]

Blame It on Monterey Bay

Haiku and other snippets memorializing a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Wedenesday, 24 April 1996. A collaboration between yours truly and Morrisa Sherman.