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Dishes prepared quasi-regularly

Sonya has wondered several times about creating a database of recipes that our friends use on a regular basis. For good reason, too: It’s a fine idea to see what constitutes day to day eating in other households! Although it’s more like dishes we prepare vaguely periodically, since some ingredients are seasonal, and our moods and tastes change. O:-)

I don’t have recipes posted for all of these, but will add them as I find or write ’em up.

Oh, we’re also not shy about eating leftovers, whether homemade or from take out. Praise freezing and refrigeration!


  • BLT sandwich
  • Caprese salad, or Caprese-style sandwich
  • Cheese toasties, sometimes with added veggies like tomatoes or onions
  • Chicken, roasted; sometimes use the bones in stock afterward
  • Chicken sausages roasted with vegetables
  • Chili spiced up with chocolate
  • Eggs with toast, scrambled or soft-boiled
  • Fish prepared in various ways:
    • Baked in a packet, whole or otherwise
    • Broiled, previously marinated or not
    • Pan-fried
    • Poached; great for making fish stock, too!
  • Gyoza
  • Hummus with chicken topping
  • Kedgeree
  • Moussaka
  • Pasta, usually with tomato, pesto or some creamy cheese sauce
  • Pizza
  • Posole
  • Quesadillas
  • Quiche
  • Rice (usually leftover) topped with egg (usually fried) and veggies (usually leftover, again)
  • Risotto
  • Soups, often based on puréed vegetables
  • Stuffed vegetables
  • Unagi (Japanese broiled eel) with rice
  • Vegetables as sides, prepared in various ways:
    • Boiled: peas, beans, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, artichokes, etc.
    • Baked: sweet potatoes or nightshady potatoes
    • Sautéed: carrots, zucchini, chard, mustard greens, sprouts, etc.
    • Steamed: broccoli or cauliflower




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