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Yeast-based coffee cake with orange and cheese

What better way to have your coffee (and tea) with this rich, yeasted cake?

Even better crumble topping: Streusel v2.0

I believe I’ve found a superior streusel recipe, via Sarah Jampel’s recipe on Food52. It has a much better texture than my older version. The trick, I believe, is to omit nuts, use a blend of moist and dry sugars, and a food processor.

Gajar halwa, or Indian carrot pudding

Carrots are one of my favorite vegetables. Although I don’t like carrot cake, I do love this Indian pudding made with lots of milk, some amount of sugar, and not as much butter (ghee, really) as I had anticipated. It takes a long time, but is so worth it!

Chômeur, or maple pudding

Chômeurs referred to the unemployed in Canada, and this was originally a quick dessert made by and for them. I think of it as a quebecois version of treacle pudding, but using maple syrup. Warning: It ain’t a pretty pudding, but it is so, so good! Especially for cold winter nights.

Cornbread pudding

Cornbread pudding, sometimes called Indian pudding is not to be confused with kheer, the South Asian pudding made with basmati rice. It’s made with cornmeal, so should not to be confused with corn pudding, either, which is a savory dish made with sweetcorn. No, it’s an old New England dessert I’ve heard about for years, […]

Waffles from sourdough yeast starter

Finally! After a botched attempt at making waffles from my yeast starters, I believe this a decent recipe that works. Many thanks are due to Smitten Kitchen’s essential raised waffles. My variation has different ingredient proportions to accommodate using the wet starter. I also use different flours because, in spite of having far too many […]

Dried fruit compote

I found myself with several half-empty packets of dried fruit, not to mention brandy syrup (in the fridge, ‘natch) leftover from winter dessert parties. I thought a compote would nicely accessorize other sweet dishes, not to mention easily frozen until needed. You can serve this warm or cold with yogurt, rice pudding — especially good […]

Sweet creamy yogurt dressing

This sauce is perfect for fruit salads, puddings and cakes which need just a hint of sweet moisture. A note about the yogurt: I use lowfat yogurt that’s smooth in the Australian/European style, e.g., Wallaby Yogurt. It doesn’t contain any thickeners like pectin or gelatin. Ingredients 3/4 cup heavy whipping cream 3/4 cup plain yogurt […]

What’s wrong with prunes in sticky caramel pudding?

Nuffingk. Nuffingk at all. Nor is adding five-spice powder. “What? What?” you ask. Yes, warm sticky pudding made with prunes and dates, especially if one runs out of dates but finds a nearly full bag of prunes, and especially with five-spice and ginger and cardamom — “Bwah! Madness!” you exclaim. Ah, but this pudding does […]

Bread pudding with apples

I had a bread disaster, using a starved sourdough starter for a Sally Lunn. The bread came out rubbery. In spite of that texture, it was filled with bubbles, so not a complete brick. Bread pudding ended up a great way to repurpose the failed Sally Lunn. I’ve always enjoyed the pudding from the Station […]