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About this site

Hallo and welcome to! As to be expected, this site exists to transmit my interests and hobbies: Food, gardens, comics, art, software, and and and. After being pleasantly intwined in the web for many years, and with all of this technological gadgetry available, why not?

This website was and is created and maintained by Sarah Liberman. There are indeed several Sarah Libermans in this world, unsurprisingly. For clarity, I am not a nurse, nor a musician, nor affiliated with any religious institutions or Harvard University — as such associations can crop when doing a basic Internet name search. 😉

In addition, this website is running WordPress using my customized variant of the veryplaintxt theme. It has the anti-spam measures Akismet, Spam Karma and Bad Behavior installed.

The Fine Print

Simply said, the, and domains and their subdomains are owned by me for my personal use.


When viewing any of the content here, I’m assuming that you’re a sentient, mature enough being. There are likely items that will challenge, miff or offend you. I make no guarantee that you’ll be free of harm, disease or inclement weather conditions during your visit. Some might still feel a need to vent. Do not blame me, the Internet, the government, your parents, your pets, your religion, the condition of our rain forests, or aliens. The responsibility of your actions and/or states of existence is not mine. It is yours.

My sites, their code and content, are provided “as is.” No guarantees are made about their veracity or accuracy over time —past, present or future— as things do change. (For example, recipes and hacks aren’t always foolproof. ) While I encourage you to contact me about broken links, mistaken citations or errors, I reserve the right to change, not change, remove or add anything without notice.

Use policy

All content on this website (including text, images, files, and any other original works) are, unless otherwise noted (including content by commenters, images created by others, excerpts from third party sources, etc.), covered under the Creative Commons License for Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (By-NC-SA), and are also copyrighted © 1988 – 2012 by me, Sarah E.V. Liberman. Open source code on this site by myself or other developers is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL), unless otherwise noted.

What this means: None of the content may be used for commercial gain or usage without explicit permission from me. Excerpts with attribution to the author are permitted, but using full content (including splogs) or spam comments —especially for the sole purpose of increasing search engine results to promote one’s site (including trackbacks or pingbacks to primarily direct traffic to one’s site)— are not allowed.

Feel free to link to or bookmark any of the documents —with the notable exception to hot linking. It’s certainly not necessary to let me know, but it would be swell to hear from you! So, pull up a chair, grab yourself a cuppa or snack, and have good time reading, commenting, or (even) lurking here. 🙂

Beaming acknowledgments

For the current version 2.0 of this site, I’m Most Grateful for the testing help provided by Akkana, Kathleen and Terence. In addition, I’d like to thank my sweetie Simon for his advice and never-ending encouragement.

From version 1.0: Many thanks to Samuel for the image processing advice, and to Jed for copyright information and pointers, as well as use of his scanner and storage equipment. Thanks also to Gordon for use of his scanner. Grateful bows to Gerry, for loaning hardware when my 9+ year-old Mac SE/30 ended its life.

…but what the heck is an Iwaruna?

Iwaruna (ee-wah-ROO-nah), noun. 1. A sentient, biological shapeshifter, which has a true physical form. 2. A semi-mythological being not found in any mythological text or legend, except those belonging or pertaining to a cadre of eccentric friends. 3. A genus of of the microlepidoptera family Gelechiidae; a small, unassuming moth from central Europe.

My dear friend Ananda was the creator of an amazing multiverse for roleplaying games. Among the many species and races, she created the Iwaruna —without any previous lepidopteric knowledge— from which my character originated. I’m an infrequent gamer, but that campaign ranked among the few that had made a wonderful impact.

And in a world of quickly disappearing domains and cybersquatting, Iwaruna is a unique and short name to use. If only memorable to myself and a few others. 😉