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Tag Archives: hacking

Site updates, slowly, slowly

Indeed, my beloved theme veryplaintxt is too old for the latest version of WordPress. It’s one of several WP tasks to investigate. Moreover, many of the plugins are either no longer supported or no longer working under WP 6 or later. Because of the upgrade from PHP 7 to PHP 8, I’ve deactivated the following […]

Turned off gallery access

I’ve disabled access to my Zenphoto gallery for the time being. Alas, I haven’t had the time to keep the gallery software properly maintained. Hope to switch to another gallery tool that’s easier to use and well integrated into WordPress, but that likely won’t happen until late this year at the earliest.

Goodbye OpenID

I’ve decided to stop using OpenID on this website for several reasons: The OpenID plugin for WordPress was last updated in 2012. I have stopped following its development, and I have also stopped trying to get past/possible issues to work properly with my site and theme. I just have not had the time for the […]

Installed Live Comment Preview

Sadly, one of my favorite WordPress plugins, FiloSofo Comments Previews, appears to be broken and orphaned (last updated in 2008, with no response from the developer on its issues since then, afaict). It no longer works with recent versions of WordPress. Thus, I’ve replaced it with another similar tool, Live Comment Preview, which will display […]

Plugin setbacks with WordPress 2.7.1 upgrade

As usual, the WordPress upgrade to v2.7.1 went well. But (and should I not get too surprised?) there were a couple hitches with plugins. One of the issues is similar to last time, involving Comments Preview and (somehow) OpenID. But now it keeps insisting on entering something for the Name and Email fields. Even when […]

Extended Live Archives (ELA) plugin works, finally

It’s sad when a useful tool becomes rusty and is then abandoned. I liked how the Extended Live Archives plugin (ELA) for WordPress very neatly arranged my archives page. ELA stopped functioning with version 2.3 of the blog application. However, thanks to TinYau (天佑) and Jason Hansen, their efforts made ELA finally work with the […]

Hello iPhone …and hello extraneous iCal notes?!

In my usual late-adopter fashion, I only recently made the move to an iPhone 3G from a Palm Treo 650. (The change was precipitated by worry over more frequent Treo crashes, chronic dissatisfaction with syncing, and a growing annoyance with Verizon’s website —rather than from Shiny Gadget Curiosity. Obviously, such Curiosity is now amply present!) […]

Detailed Zenphoto upgrade steps

While the Zenphoto has great support, I’ve found the upgrade instructions slightly lacking for my own needs. So I’ve written up detailed steps for upgrading Zenphoto, which should work with version 1.1.6 and onward. (Unless the backend of the upgrading process changes significantly in the future, of course.)

Blissfully smooth WordPress 2.5 upgrade

Upgrading from WordPress 2.3.x to 2.5 was as smooth as silk. No joke, I made only a few of core changes, but they were on the level of trivial tweaks: Upload my preferred set of /wp-includes/images/smilies/. Modify /wp-includes/functions.php to recognize said custom smilies. Change /wp-includes/category-template.php to say articles instead of topics for title tips while […]

What to do with pomegranate molasses?

On an impulse, I purchased a bottle of pomegranate molasses. It’s pomegranate juice concentrate, with no added sugar, and pours like ketchup. It’s not a bright magenta, or red like fresh pomegranates, or grenadine; more of a maroon-brown. It’s very tart and somewhat sweet —prolly nowhere near as sharp as unsweetened passionfruit purée. It reminds […]