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The Grand Remodel two years later: suggestions and advice

So. Two years have gone by since the completion of our Grand Remodel. Overall, I must say that while it was traumatic at times, we are both very relieved it is finished(*). I was going to have this post go over some suggestions on how to wrangle out the contract between you and you potential […]

The Grand Remodel: Resources, so far

Here are some remodeling resources, divided into organizations and books. It’s too early for me to lay down nitty-gritty advice on how to screen and handle designers and contractors. That might be more appropriate for a post-construction entry — y’know, after going through the experience? ­čÖé Then again, I might omit much of that aspect […]

iPhone apps I use (2008 edition)

Dealing with the productivity iPhone apps sure makes me look like a wet blanket. But, as much fun complaining can be, I have had fun with the iPhone software. To keep my enthusiasm in check, I’m limiting this entry to the apps I had found in 2008, and continue to use. But a couple of […]

Favorite, recommended anim├â┬ę

There’s a lot of Japanese animation out there. For a long time I had felt that Hayao Miyazaki was the pinnacle. However, during the last few years I’ve discovered others that share space on the top of the mountain of animé. Whether created by Miyazaki or not, these are worth watching over again! This is […]

Ongoing comics I read

I’m chronically in need of more bookshelf space. The shelves creak with their burden of books, and boxes quickly fill up and accumulate. Strangely enough, though, the number of comics I read which are actively updated and published is actually on the small side. It also helps that several of them are or have become […]

Fiction books read in 2007 and beyond

I offer you my first past-year booklist for fiction (1). I know these are just capsule summary-reviews, but I want to keep track of what I’ve read, lest I fall back into the bad habit of forgetting. I’ve limited this entry to non-graphical works (2). Books are sorted alphabetically by author, then publication date. Because […]


Last month Kam was clearing out a bunch of her comics, and while going through the boxes, I came upon five later issues of Scott McCloud’s Zot! Seeing them reminded me that I had only the first three graphic novels (the only three Kitchen Sink Press published before they went down the sink), and had […]

Books worth rereading

Why bother rereading books at all? Isn’t it like, as Pink Floyd put it, merely “running over the same old ground,”(*) avoiding going forward or ignoring new stories? Nope, not at all! Reading a favorite book again is like eating one’s favorite comfort dish. Something to curl up with and savor. As exciting and satisfying […]

Hello GreenCine, Goodbye Netflix

After a couple months of testing, I’ve decided to continue my DVD rentals through GreenCine, instead of Netflix. (As well as borrowing more from local libraries. :-D) The first four or so years with Netflix was both fun and useful. But the throttling killed it for me. While it’s great that I could export my […]

La conmemoración de la celebración

Today marks the anniversary of one the best parties I’ve attended: our wedding reception. I rarely post about personal things, but after the event happened I kept thinking of writing about our vendor experiences. So after a year of mulling it over, here it is. >:-) Most notably, I recommend the photographer and florist we […]