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Working in groups: the prelude

As mentioned earlier, I’ve had both good and bad team work experiences. Some of the worst occurred in school, some of the best occurred during employment. So I enter a graduate program strongly emphasizing teamwork with a mix of trepidation and eagerness. Fear of loss of control and fear of conflict: “They are not thorough […]

Online life in graduate school

I’ve spent several years in the software and Internet sector, as well as taken online classes. Nevertheless, I’ll still have a lot to learn both technically and socially when it comes to taking graduate school courses online. Actually, a more appropriate phrase would be attending graduate school online, because attending emphasizes how this will be […]

A welcome to SLIS students and instructors

Salutations to San José State University folks in the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS)! I’m using my personal website to store publicly-accessible homework for SLIS, as well as my thoughts on libraries, reading, and information access. For the time being, I’ve organized such posts with the SLIS tag, under the Library category. To […]