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Review of Susan Cain’s Quiet

Oh hai! As with previous fall semesters, I’ve been busy with graduate school. I’m currently taking two amazing courses, an intensive on digital copyright and another on the Hyperlinked Library (a.k.a., Library 2.0). For the latter, I wrote a book report on Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Taking, which I found insightful and engaging.

The original blog post for this book review is at the Info 287 course site, but it will disappear at the end of this year (2015) — the student blogs are reborn afresh for next iteration of the class in 2016, and beyond. However, I’m very honored that my instructor, Dr. Michael Stephens, has published a copy on his site, Tame the Web.

Creativity, personalities, librarianship, and Susan Cain’s Quiet – A TTW guest post by Sarah Liberman. Comments closed here, but are open at TTW.