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A general food meme

Haven’t posted a meme oriented entry ’till now. Considering this site’s content, it’s appropriate. I’m sure this meme has already made the rounds —just not with me. 😉 Yoinked from Kathleen.

  1. What are your favorite foods? So many! I’ll cheat and list (some of) my favorite cuisines: Californian, French, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern (e.g., Lebanese, Persian), Vietnamese. I also love appetizers and snackie sized foods; yes, I’m a sucker for small plate menus.
  2. What foods do you hate? I am a picky omnivore, so this list also would be rather long. :-/ The most obvious is beef, and most any (mammalian based) meat.
  3. Foods you like but are embarrassed to admit? Cheese puffs, crunchy chicken skin, and, sometimes, bacon (crispy, please; notice the pattern?).
  4. Strangest food you’ve eaten and enjoyed? Fresh sea urchin roe (uni, in Japanese). Pastries filled with durian; I think it was durian at the time…
  5. Cooking failures that still rankle? I still cannot make the Ultimate Butter Chicken Curry (makhani murgh, if you’re familiar with Indian menus). At least not consistently. The same goes for chocolate ice cream, which often ends up too hard or too greasy.
  6. Ingredients you don’t want to consider living without? Fresh produce, fresh seafood, tea, cheese, durable goods (pasta, flour)… Er, should I just say food?
  7. Cuisine you’d like to know more about? Another long list. I really enjoy Moroccan and Ethiopian food, and would love to learn more about African cuisines. More interesting, and/or unconventional uses of legumes, nuts and grains. Also, discovering more fruits, vegetables and herbs. Okay, so the latter two sentences aren’t cuisines (cheating!).
  8. Foods you hated but have grown to love? Do beer and wine count? Also cilantro, lemongrass and ginger. Although I wouldn’t say I love those —mostly that I’ve adapted to their flavors and appreciate how intrinsic they are to cooking.

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  1. i. nebbish wrote:

    I’ll just hit on items 2 and 8 at the same time … Tab cola, the old stuff.

    Thursday, 23 August 2007 at 9:36 pm | Permalink

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