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Mac OS X 3rd party applications that suck

Some non-Apple applications ought to be singled out, in my opinion, if they’ve become necessary evils. Not because one would pay money for them, or because they’re commercially produced, but because they’ve become an essential part of one’s computer habits. Yet at the same time frustration reigns during actual use. Anyone know of better alternatives […]

Mac OS X 3rd party applications I use

I’ve had my MacBook Pro for about half a year. Never satisfied with limiting myself to what came out of the box, I thought it’d be useful to document what third party (non-Apple) applications I found useful, if not indispensable. Update (10 January 2007): Thanks to SjG for mentioning MAMP, which I use frequently. My […]

Macworld Expo 2007 coming soon

The annual MacWorld Expo San Francisco will take place next week. Unfortunately, I think my Perusal-Research List is pretty much the same as last year’s. It’s unfortunate because I have yet to find these items: Car stereo integration for the iPod at a reasonable cost. I’ve never liked FM transmitters, and the tape player is […]

MAMP: Macintosh, Apache, MySQL & PHP

Through Michael Doig’s excellent tutorial, I recently discovered MAMP, a free package which provides recent builds of Apache, MySQL and PHP as a standalone installation on Mac. It’s geared towards local server development on a machine, as opposed to live sites, so it’s great for testing out stuff like WordPress locally. Unfortunately, MAMP has issues. […]

Update tests with Vienna

[Update] So it turns out that Vienna refreshes new articles from the last 24 hours. Expunging articles that are older than the last 24 hours should get rid of them, unless (again) there’ve been changes to either the article URL or title. In addition, according to the Vienna support forum, some blogs aren’t configured properly […]

testing ecto & MarsEdit

[Update] I’ve decided to go with MarsEdit. While it has a few issues (not respecting settings for password protected or private posts in WordPress, afaict), MarsEdit does the bulk of what I need to get done for blog writing, with a simple, clear user interface. Testing ecto 2.4.1 in rich text mode. Observations so far: […]

Macworld Expo 2006 coming soon

MacWorld 2006 in SF will be this week. What to check out? iPod stuff: earphones, Etymotic’s booth bands/clips (esp. during physical activity), silicone wrappings, etc. car stereo integration iListen booth new keyboards new mice/trackballs nifty carrying bags sync stuff (Treo) any progress for OpenOffice on OS X? am I dreaming? 😉 tablets, touchscreens and other […]