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Sneaky invisible characters

While I attempted to upload the previous entry on MAMP, MarsEdit kept giving me the following error: Can’t post for because the server reported an error: parse error, not well formed. Again, searching through a forum helped. 🙂 The poorly formed content, in this case an unwanted invisible character, prevented MarsEdit from uploading the […]

Upgrade to Leopard

Last week I upgraded my laptop from Tiger to Leopard. The process went quite smoothly. Backed up to an external firewire drive using Carbon Copy Cloner. Restarted with Leopard disk, and selected Archive and Install. Customized the installation by deselecting X11, most of the languages, and all but the Canon and Lexmark printer drivers. (Sheez, […]

testing ecto & MarsEdit

[Update] I’ve decided to go with MarsEdit. While it has a few issues (not respecting settings for password protected or private posts in WordPress, afaict), MarsEdit does the bulk of what I need to get done for blog writing, with a simple, clear user interface. Testing ecto 2.4.1 in rich text mode. Observations so far: […]