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iPhone note-taking apps (Part 2)

I’m still using Evernote as my note-taking app on the iPhone, but I have become increasingly disgruntled with it. Sadly, I’ve yet to find a significantly better note-taking solution, although Simplenote and Take A Note might have potential in the future. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I need only a note-taking application. Having […]

Splogger slimeys

I haven’t found a good tool (or set of tools) that deters blog scrapers. That is, short of trying to manually block them the “old fashioned” way by adding filters to a server’s .htaccess, or submitting to an online anti-splog database (see last paragraph). The problem with the .htaccess route is that maintaining a list […]

Seeking iPhone apps for lists & notes, plus the inevitable Pain of Palm

The Search for iPhone applications Has Begun! First up is replacing the Palm Memos (notes) and checklist tools. While these are usually labeled as productivity apps, I really don’t need full-blown project management, like with a Getting Things Done (GTD) app. Nor do I need to-do lists that’ll sync up with, because I’d rather […]

Issues with updated WordPress plugins

A bunch of WordPress plugins I use have been recently updated. For the most part, updating went smoothly and the newer versions remain shiny and useful. Alas, confusion cropped up with a few of ’em: CyStats, Filosofo Comments Preview (vs. WP-OpenID), Redirection, Search Everything, and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP).

Food and loathing

Mediocre restaurants are unavoidable. But some of the baddies, ah, how they stick in my mind. Some of these are favorites for some of my friends. Oh well! To each their own (1).

Seeking online gallery software

I’m looking for a flexible (if not powerful) online gallery package. What are the free, preferably open source choices for online galleries? There are quite a few! Wikipedia has a photo gallery comparison article. However, it’s not comprehensive since it’s a stub which needs cleanup (e.g., lists only basic features, and doesn’t mention other projects […]

Experiments in online DVD rental services

I’ve been a Netflix customer for over six years. I had been pleased with their service, until a couple years ago when I noticed that they stopped Saturday shipments, as well as began throttling the delivery of the DVDs. Needless to say, the newer, slower service disappointed me. I heard about GreenCine last year. They’re […]

Mac OS X 3rd party applications that suck

Some non-Apple applications ought to be singled out, in my opinion, if they’ve become necessary evils. Not because one would pay money for them, or because they’re commercially produced, but because they’ve become an essential part of one’s computer habits. Yet at the same time frustration reigns during actual use. Anyone know of better alternatives […]

Popups aren’t dead (alas)

Is there really a good excuse to to interrupt —no, really, impede the user’s experience with an involuntary, uninvited popup window blipping in front of what she’s trying to view? No, I can’t say there is. Fortunately, web browsers like the Mozilla-based ones and Safari allow us to block the ones generated via the JavaScript […]

Dreadful eateries which are closed, thankfully

Here is an old list of restaurants, now closed, where my tastebuds were abused. Yes, rather negative, but I wish to include this entry (from my old 1.0 site) for historical accuracy. (On the plus side, it is a really short list!) It would be rather amusing if the people who ran these places opened […]