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Macworld Expo 2007 coming soon

The annual MacWorld Expo San Francisco will take place next week. Unfortunately, I think my Perusal-Research List is pretty much the same as last year’s. It’s unfortunate because I have yet to find these items:

  • Car stereo integration for the iPod at a reasonable cost. I’ve never liked FM transmitters, and the tape player is broken. (Not being able to play my iPod in my car for over a year really bites.) So I should get a new stereo. Something as simple as an input jack would suffice, for my not-so new car.
  • Are there any bands/clips for iPods which don’t depend on having a belt or belt loops? I’d rather not resort to something as bulky as a waistband contraption.
  • I have a feeling that there won’t be any revolutionary improvements in (or over) the Missing Sync for the Palm OS Treo. But, hey, I could be pleasantly surprised.

In any case, even if I don’t find products or tips for the above list, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for poking at nifty input devices, browsing for books, and grazing through the wide array of software booths!

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