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Downtime so soon?

I recently discovered that this site is running PHP 4, rather than PHP 5. It’s also running an older version of Apache (1.3) than I expected. I might not be able to control the web server version, but my hosting service does allow me to change the PHP version. This means you might experience downtime […]

Searching for a good PHP & MySQL book (Part 3)

So I think I’ve finally found a good introductory book to read and keep on my bookshelf: PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy (Powers, Friends of Ed 2006). As the title implies, this book focuses primarily on PHP. However, the author does provide an introduction to MySQL and even a little bit on Apache. […]

Searching for a good PHP & MySQL book (Part 2)

Continuing from the initial post on my search for a good PHP and MySQL book. As of this writing, though, I’m still a-searchin’… :-\

Searching for a good PHP & MySQL book (Part 1)

So far I’ve been more or less disappointed with the PHP and MySQL books I’ve glanced through. I try to read at least a few dozen pages in each to get an idea of the writing style and coverage. Perhaps it might be best to get separate books on PHP and MySQL? That’d be a […]

MAMP: Macintosh, Apache, MySQL & PHP

Through Michael Doig’s excellent tutorial, I recently discovered MAMP, a free package which provides recent builds of Apache, MySQL and PHP as a standalone installation on Mac. It’s geared towards local server development on a machine, as opposed to live sites, so it’s great for testing out stuff like WordPress locally. Unfortunately, MAMP has issues. […]