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testing ecto & MarsEdit

[Update] I’ve decided to go with MarsEdit. While it has a few issues (not respecting settings for password protected or private posts in WordPress, afaict), MarsEdit does the bulk of what I need to get done for blog writing, with a simple, clear user interface.

Testing ecto 2.4.1 in rich text mode. Observations so far:

  • So what is the split screen for? Oh, it’s to add a “page break” so that readers click the link to read more.
  • Haven’t (yet) found the UI for marking posts as private…
  • Cannot add new categories.
  • Rather complex UI: multiple window format, rather than all- or most-work-done-in-one-window.
  • Using the editor, at least in rich text mode, is infuriating: backspace/delete doesn’t move the caret predictably. Especially with lists, of which I’ve got tons. Grrr.
  • Gonna try MarsEdit to see if it’s better…

Testing MarsEdit 1.1.2:

  • Editor is a lot more bare-bones than ecto. Even the HTML source doesn’t have nice line breaks; just all one lump. Makes source more difficult to read.
  • But it does let me choose an external editor. Let’s try Smultron…which seems to work fine. But it’s confusing when I want to save: I think I need to close the Smultron window (no need to quit), then there’s a delay before the preview pane in MarsEdit updates. This might be workable.
  • I can edit multiple documents using Smultron, but I cannot edit both parts (teaser and rest-of-content) at the same time; need to save and close the other.
  • MarsEdit appears to respect the source I’ve edited in Smultron without changing it. Keeping fingers crossed…
  • Don’t think there’s a way to make posts private or passwd-protected in MarsEdit, either. Might need to stick with the WordPress tools. Same with date modifications (for back-dating my old content).
  • Nice to note that MarsEdit respects the back-dates I set.

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