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Update tests with Vienna

[Update] So it turns out that Vienna refreshes new articles from the last 24 hours. Expunging articles that are older than the last 24 hours should get rid of them, unless (again) there’ve been changes to either the article URL or title. In addition, according to the Vienna support forum, some blogs aren’t configured properly so that duplicates result: Apparently they incorrectly set the article’s GUID, which is a big no-no. (Something that’s outside Vienna’s control.)

Testing updates, to see how Vienna treats them. This is the original post.

Update #1: For the original post, the blue “new article” dot appeared in Vienna (expected). I’m using Vienna This is an update to only the article body.

Update #2: Upon refreshing after Update #1, a green dot appeared next to the article in Vienna (expected). Just another article body update this time, but with another step: before I post this to my blog, I’ll have deleted the article from the feed, but not have emptied the Trash.

Update #3: Upon refreshing after Update #2, no dots appeared (blue or green) in either the subscription folder or the Trash folder in Vienna (even though the article is still in the Trash folder). However, the article shows content up to Update #2 when viewing in a web browser (Camino); the version in Vienna’s Trash only shows content up to Update #1. Is this expected? At this point, I don’t post anything to my blog, but instead empty the Trash in Vienna.

Update #4: Upon refreshing after Update #3, the article reappears as new (with blue dot) in the subscription folder in Vienna. Perhaps this is expected, but I think this is the source of the “many duplicate articles” syndrome: if even the article content changes (the URL or title not changed), then I delete it (hoping to not see it again), it “still comes back” when I do a refresh. Guess what would be nice would be some sort of “kill” function which doesn’t bring back deleted-and-trashed articles.

Update #5: I only changed the article title to “Update tests with Vienna,” then reposted to my blog. I didn’t delete the article (previously with “update test” in its title) in Vienna. After refreshing, a new article (with blue dot) appeared in Vienna. Interestingly, the URL for the article remained the same (fwiw, my blog uses WordPress 2.0.4). Moreover, the date in both Camino and Vienna remains the original post time, not the last modification time.

Update #6: Only change article content. No change to title or single article URL.