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Sneaky invisible characters

While I attempted to upload the previous entry on MAMP, MarsEdit kept giving me the following error: Can’t post for because the server reported an error: parse error, not well formed. Again, searching through a forum helped. 🙂 The poorly formed content, in this case an unwanted invisible character, prevented MarsEdit from uploading the […]

Workaround for when MAMP fails to stop or start

Last night there were several brownouts, which may or may not affected how my laptop slept. A rare sleep disorder causes problems when waking up: Right after opening my machine, it spontaneously reboots rather than, er, staying awake. This occurred only once or twice in the past year, but when it did, MAMP passed away […]

I made more cheese.

Chemistry makes everything better! Adding a bit of acid, i.e., vinegar, made a lot more curds form. Really, dramatically more. More than twice as many curds as last time. This cheese was somewhat firmer and more squeaky. I was relieved that it didn’t taste or smell vinegary at all; its flavor was only slightly tarter […]

I made cheese.

I always thought cheesemaking was out of reach for a plebe(*) such as myself. Then I saw recipes by Mercedes of Desert Candy and Heidi of 101 Cookbooks, and thought, “Hey, that looks easy.” (*)Here defined as someone who has only purchased cheese, never made it. Not meant as derogatory, just as an observation. Well, […]

Hello Zenphoto, Goodbye Gallery2

After less than two years of using Gallery 2, I opted for change and have migrated my online photo gallery to Zenphoto. While powerful and feature-rich, Gallery became too cumbersome to maintain. Zenphoto, however, is easy to install, use and maintain. It looks and feels refreshingly streamlined. Whenever I work on or look at my […]

Poke tweak prod tweak

Happy New Year! 2008 starts off with…more hackery. I’ve spent more time working on backend site stuff, rather than, well, content. (Obviously.) I’ve found a WordPress plugin which has greatly eased the ongoing task of fixing broken links with redirects: Redirection, by John Godley of Urban Giraffe. If you’ve overhauled a website (such as my […]

Dustiness: Theme and taxonomy upgrades, oh my!

I’ve hunkered down and merged my WordPress theme changes with the latest version of veryplaintxt (now v4.0). It took me only about week of work, yet I’m still left with my strong wish for The Ultimate Merge Tool. I still use TextWrangler’s Find Differences tool (note to self: remember to ignore whitespace). The bottom line […]

Dustiness: WordPress upgraded to 2.3.1

So. I’ve upgraded this site to WordPress 2.3.1, finally. A few dust flurries remain: No longer have the fanschy-schmancy archive Ajaxy thingie. Poor Extended Live Archives (ELA), its development has ground to a halt. (Hey, if anyone decides to work on it again, drop me a line. I might be keen to test it. I […]

Please hold…

Pardon the dust, or, more accurately, pardon any interruptions or interface oddity you might encounter. (Er, like the image thumbnail no longer appearing in the sidebar. Now fixed; bloody .htaccess issue again.) I’m currently testing various site upgrade and changes. WordPress has undergone a major update, and along with that several associated plugin changes. Wheee!

OpenID for comments in

I have played with OpenID on my test site, and it’s about time to make it available on You may now use your OpenIDs here for your comments! Many thanks to Jed and Kathleen for helping me out with testing. 😀 How to use OpenID here 1. First of all, you need an OpenID. […]