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Dustiness: Theme and taxonomy upgrades, oh my!

I’ve hunkered down and merged my WordPress theme changes with the latest version of veryplaintxt (now v4.0). It took me only about week of work, yet I’m still left with my strong wish for The Ultimate Merge Tool. I still use TextWrangler’s Find Differences tool (note to self: remember to ignore whitespace). The bottom line is that I really do need both color and contrast to help me to perceive changes (better, more easily) in plain text. (I’m pretty impressed by screenshots of meld, but haven’t bothered to fiddle with its Darwin Port. I much rather not deal with X11; not because of difficulty, but rather due to my miserly attitude towards disk space usage, along with my otherwise complete lack of X11 usage.)

Anyhow, the appearance is still more or less the same, but you’ll see tags now. Yes, I still like this minimalist theme. 🙂

Speaking of tags, I’m now in the process of reducing the insane number of categories and adding a bunch o’ tags. As I upgrade the taxonomy for the articles on this site, you might notice the dust swarms busily swirling —most noticeably in the sidebar and archival pages. A few days at minimum, a couple weeks at most. Thanks for your patience. Again, if you notice breakage (except for ongoing taxonomy changes), do let me know!

Update (5-January-2008): The Simple Tags plugin helped the initial, big taxonomy reorganization take only a day. Schweet.

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