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Poke tweak prod tweak

Happy New Year! 2008 starts off with…more hackery. I’ve spent more time working on backend site stuff, rather than, well, content. (Obviously.)

I’ve found a WordPress plugin which has greatly eased the ongoing task of fixing broken links with redirects: Redirection, by John Godley of Urban Giraffe. If you’ve overhauled a website (such as my move from the manual, static old skool to shwizzy WordPress), broken links almost always crop up. In the past, I’ve had edit the .htaccess file. Yech. Now Redirection makes that process smoother, and more organized. I do like quickly viewing my 404 log and (again quickly) adding redirect rules. 😀

Update (6-Jan-2008): Thanks to mitcho’s Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP), individual article pages now contain a list of related entries. This plugin, available at the WordPress plugin repository, compares the actual article content to rank other related articles. I can set the threshold of that ranking, too, wheee, more control! Most other related post plugins just compare the number of tags in common, which is a good start but not intelligent enough, since less relevant posts have a higher chance of being displayed. YARPP doesn’t take tags and categories into consideration, though, but it’s on mitcho’s list for a future release.

If YARPP also used tag and category information, it could become one of the key tools in linking and listing related content on a WordPress-powered site. However, in order to properly summarize and support the content, careful tag and category selection will remain important.

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