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Dustiness: WordPress upgraded to 2.3.1

So. I’ve upgraded this site to WordPress 2.3.1, finally. A few dust flurries remain:

  • No longer have the fanschy-schmancy archive Ajaxy thingie. Poor Extended Live Archives (ELA), its development has ground to a halt. (Hey, if anyone decides to work on it again, drop me a line. I might be keen to test it. I say “might” because another plugin might exist which does what I want, or because I might create some other archive layout, or or or.) For now we have simple lists by month and category.
  • OpenID (for comments) might not work if your provider uses secure (https) URLs. My hosting service needs to update a thingie on their end to get it to work here. (libcurl CA cert something thingie: Or, ahem, I’m not a security maven.) Most use vanilla http, like LiveJournal, so you’re unlikely to encounter this.
  • Haven’t made use of the new taxonomy (tags vs. categories). At present I use only categories, but I plan on migrating many to tags. But this will be a later/ongoing step. (Potentially more dust.)
  • Random image in the sidebar thingie: It might disappear, reappear, appear odd, and go back and forth as I do the usual gymnastics with Gallery 2 and its WordPress plugin WPG2. But hey! I’ve been playing with ZenPhoto 1.1.2, and am seriously considering moving my gallery to that. Another, later dusty thingie.

So, several minor thingies exist at the mo’, but Things Overall should still work fine. O:-) If you have problems subscribing to or reading articles, making comments, or viewing the site, please let me know.

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