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Dustiness: Theme and taxonomy upgrades, oh my!

I’ve hunkered down and merged my WordPress theme changes with the latest version of veryplaintxt (now v4.0). It took me only about week of work, yet I’m still left with my strong wish for The Ultimate Merge Tool. I still use TextWrangler’s Find Differences tool (note to self: remember to ignore whitespace). The bottom line […]

New site feature: random image in the sidebar

Already a new feature! I added a random thumbnail image from my gallery to the sidebar in this site. This might seem odd, considering my preference for design that emphasizes text. But I’m aiming for a little bit of imagery, to occasionally but not disruptively vary the appearance. You would see the image if you […]

Upgraded veryplaintxt theme for WordPress

After over three weeks of tweaking and testing, I’ve upgraded the WordPress theme for this site. As mentioned earlier, the theme is a customized variant of Scott Wallick’s excellent veryplaintxt v3.0. The theme hacking took up much of my time for the past few weeks, hence the infrequent posts. (Fortunately faster than the several months […]

Themes from (mostly) Theme Viewer

Yesterday I finally got around to scouring the Theme Viewer site for possible themes to use. I really like how they allow you to select on the number of columns, liquid vs. fixed width, color scheme and widget readiness. Best of all, Theme Viewer lets you run a live test of a selected theme. Schweet! […]

Testing themes bundled with WordPress 2.0.4

What I’d need in a theme (first thoughts): 2-column layout. Prefer sidebar on left? Might need 3-columns for recipe entries. Liquid design. Keyboard accessible. Strong preference for XHTML 1.0 Strict markup. Widget-able, able to cope with JS customization. AJAX support/addons a plus.