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Poke tweak prod tweak

Happy New Year! 2008 starts off with…more hackery. I’ve spent more time working on backend site stuff, rather than, well, content. (Obviously.) I’ve found a WordPress plugin which has greatly eased the ongoing task of fixing broken links with redirects: Redirection, by John Godley of Urban Giraffe. If you’ve overhauled a website (such as my […]

Mostly smooth WP 2.2 upgrade

Upgrading this site to WordPress 2.2 went rather smoothly, a lot quicker than the WP 2.1 upgrade. Not too surprising, as the differences between 2.0 and 2.1 were much greater than the ones between 2.1 and 2.2. The change that might make a difference to you, dear readers, is that this site now has an […]

New site feature: random image in the sidebar

Already a new feature! I added a random thumbnail image from my gallery to the sidebar in this site. This might seem odd, considering my preference for design that emphasizes text. But I’m aiming for a little bit of imagery, to occasionally but not disruptively vary the appearance. You would see the image if you […]