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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Downtime so soon?

I recently discovered that this site is running PHP 4, rather than PHP 5. It’s also running an older version of Apache (1.3) than I expected. I might not be able to control the web server version, but my hosting service does allow me to change the PHP version. This means you might experience downtime […]

Popups aren’t dead (alas)

Is there really a good excuse to to interrupt —no, really, impede the user’s experience with an involuntary, uninvited popup window blipping in front of what she’s trying to view? No, I can’t say there is. Fortunately, web browsers like the Mozilla-based ones and Safari allow us to block the ones generated via the JavaScript […]

Streusel (crumble) topping

This streusel (a.k.a., crumble) topping is great on pies. Especially apple pies! (A nice substitute for a top crust.) This recipe makes enough for two pies. Leftover streusel also freezes easily.

Chicken sausages roasted with vegetables

This is a comforting one-dish meal, perfect during cold weather. Use unsmoked, uncooked chicken apple sausages for the best effect: the apple juice adds a subtle sweetness to the surrounding veggies.

The joys of syndication and spam control

The Bad Behavior plugin seems to block my friends who try to syndicate this site on LiveJournal. I might need to fiddle with whitelisting. Speaking of whitelists, why oh why are comments made by registered WordPress users being held for moderation (including myself)? This is by both Akismet spam moderation and within the built-in (I […]

Your comments about comments (and registration)

To my dear users who are so kind as to help me test this test site: Please feel free to post feedback about comments and user registration here. Muchas gracias!

Searching for a good PHP & MySQL book (Part 3)

So I think I’ve finally found a good introductory book to read and keep on my bookshelf: PHP Solutions: Dynamic Web Design Made Easy (Powers, Friends of Ed 2006). As the title implies, this book focuses primarily on PHP. However, the author does provide an introduction to MySQL and even a little bit on Apache. […]