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Almond & cumin rice

I recently took a vegetarian Indian cooking class in which we cooked a rice dish very similar to this one, except that we used cashews. I learned how the black (not white or green) cardamom adds a subtle smokey, resiny savoriness. My version uses a rice cooker, because, well, it’s an appliance I frequently use. […]

Reconstructing Salvadoran horchata

Allow me to offer you a break from the apricot oriented articles. 😉 I drank Salvadoran horchata for the first time a couple years ago, and I’ve been keen to figure out how to make it ever since. Unlike Mexican horchata, which is made primarily of rice, cinnamon and far too much sugar (at least […]

Streusel (crumble) topping

This streusel (a.k.a., crumble) topping is great on pies. Especially apple pies! (A nice substitute for a top crust.) This recipe makes enough for two pies. Leftover streusel also freezes easily.


I’m not a morning person, so breakfast is rarely on my top fave list. My groggy brain gravitates towards easy preparation, so pre-packaged cereals would be an easy answer. Except that I’m so picky about the ingredients: too much cinnamon, nuts that I don’t like (walnuts and pecans have no place in cereals or breads, […]

Cream of Mushroom Soup

I enjoy a good creamy mushroom soup, preferably not from a can. The secret here is sautéing the mushrooms so that they become browned and aromatic. The addition of wine, almonds and thyme make the soup so rich and tasty for me that cream is optional.

Chicken Bstilla

Here is my slightly lazier version of bstilla (a.k.a., b’stilla), a savory pie with chicken, eggs and almonds. Well, lazier in the sense that its form is more like baklava in a pan, rather than the beautifully decorated disk you’d get at a Morrocan restaurant. This recipe does take a while to prepare: Over an […]


There are three parts to this recipe: making the syrup, making the nut mixture and assembling the whole thing. The first two can be done ahead of time. Interestingly, the pastry doesn’t get soggy over time, so the flavor and texture actually improve a day or two later! This dish is dedicated to Samuel and […]