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Gianduja, or hazelnut-chocolate ice cream

Hazelnut and chocolate remains one of my favorite food combinations. So both in ice cream, often found in Europe, forms the perfect summer treat. Gianduja is a bar or spread made of ground hazelnuts, chocolate, sugar, and milk — you can find bars or discs of them online or in stores that specialize in baking […]

Hazelnut & date bars, with a touch of chocolate

I’m rather picky about what goes into snack bars: What kind of nuts? (No walnuts or pecans, if I can avoid them.) And I’d prefer the absence of dried coconut. Not too sweet, as I don’t want a sugar rush that results in a headachey crash — dried fruits are good, as long as they […]

Roasted hazelnut liqueur

For the longest time, the only hazelnut liqueur I had access to was Frangelico’s. It’s okay, but the almond and herbal components interfered with the toasty, rich hazelnuttiness I desire. There are others, but I hadn’t been able to find them in stores. With a large bag of skinned hazelnuts in the freezer, and some […]

Hazelnut financiers (also good with cashews)

Financiers (sometimes called friands) are a good way to use up egg whites, especially after a summer’s accumulation of making ice cream. Typically made with almond meal, I made these with a meal from roasted hazelnuts. Delicious. I also made another version with cashew meal, which were milder, but still tasty. In the future I […]

Hazelnut shortbread

I’m not a fan of whole nuts or chunks of nuts in cookies, but sometimes I do enjoy ground up nuts in them. I’ve been toying with making a hazelnut variation of my whole wheat shortbread, but only recently made them. (Now that I have a kitchen again.)

Hazelnut frosting made from praline spread

Mmmm, hazelnuts. Hazelnuts ground up and used in fillings for truffles, cakes, ice cream, chocolate spreads like Nutella. Mmmuh. Hazelnut products aren’t too popular around here (defined as California, United States), which is sad. It’s more difficult to find things like hazelnut pastes and butters. One time I purchased some hazelnut butter, I think it […]

Variations on hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is great for dessert, or as comfort on a cold evening. One of my favorite chocolate drink experiences was at Ladurée in Paris: Just barely sweet and thick, slowly and happily relished. My opinion of hot chocolate mixes here in the United States has ranged from kinda interested to very disappointed. It can […]

Streusel (crumble) topping

This streusel (a.k.a., crumble) topping is great on pies. Especially apple pies! (A nice substitute for a top crust.) This recipe makes enough for two pies. Leftover streusel also freezes easily.

Creole Kisses

My aunt, Alice Schoen, a phenomenal cook, obtained this recipe from Shirley Krutilla “the Cookie Lady.” This is superior to typical American meringue cookies, as the brown sugar makes all the difference. The original calls for pecans, but here I use ground hazelnuts, which can be obtained by the bag from Trader Joe’s.