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Downtime so soon?

I recently discovered that this site is running PHP 4, rather than PHP 5. It’s also running an older version of Apache (1.3) than I expected. I might not be able to control the web server version, but my hosting service does allow me to change the PHP version.

This means you might experience downtime with this site while I attempt to bring the software up to date. Because I’m paranoid, my plans are to:

  1. Backup the files.
  2. Backup its database.
  3. Update the PHP setting.
  4. Test, troubleshoot, etc.
  5. Restore stuffs if needed.
  6. Repeat with gallery site and data.


Update (1:08pm): The PHP upgrade seems to have gone smoothly. And it turns out that my gallery site is already running Apache 2 and PHP 5. I’ve filed a request with my hosting service to upgrade Apache for the other domains…

Update (31 Dec 2006): My hosting service has upgraded my servers to Apache 2. It might take a few days for the change to propogate throughout the Series of Tubes, but I’m relieved it was such a quick fix.

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