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Almond & cumin rice

I recently took a vegetarian Indian cooking class in which we cooked a rice dish very similar to this one, except that we used cashews. I learned how the black (not white or green) cardamom adds a subtle smokey, resiny savoriness. My version uses a rice cooker, because, well, it’s an appliance I frequently use. […]

Rice cooker porridge

I’ve been stuck with a bug that is slow to go away. But I think I’ve found an edible weapon: rice porridge made in the cooker. Or, perhaps a better name might be not-quite-insta-pseudo jook. Either way, it’s easy and tasty.

Zucchini & rice gratin

The annual zucchini inundation has been going on since last month. Usually we chop then dry-sautée three or four of them in olive oil, and serve as a side dish. But if we skip cooking zucchini for a week, we accumulate a bagful which sits forlornly in the fridge. So what do you do with […]

Steamed coconut rice pudding: a variation on bibingka

One Filipino dessert I enjoy is bibingka. That is, if it doesn’t contain rising agents that leave a nasty, astringent aftertaste. Unfortunately, many of the local Filipino bakeries “cheat” and add far too much baking soda or powder, which detract from the sticky goodness. I prefer rice over cassava bibingkas, mainly because I’ve yet to […]

Broiled eel (unagi) over rice, two ways

Unagi kamameshi, unagi donburi, una-don, una-jyu: It goes by many names, and remains one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Obachan’s articles on unagi donburi and unagi mabushi, became catalysts for figuring out how to make them on my own. So I came up with two recipes. One which emulates the claypot to obtain the crust, […]

Matsutake cooked with rice

In late September I noticed that the local Japanese market was selling matsutake mushrooms. Being a seasonal delicacy —they’re foraged from the wild, as they don’t take to cultivation— matsutake are quite pricey! But the spicy smell called out to me, and I couldn’t resist a cooking experiment. After some web searches and poring over […]

Reconstructing Salvadoran horchata

Allow me to offer you a break from the apricot oriented articles. 😉 I drank Salvadoran horchata for the first time a couple years ago, and I’ve been keen to figure out how to make it ever since. Unlike Mexican horchata, which is made primarily of rice, cinnamon and far too much sugar (at least […]


Kedgeree, kitchiri, khichdi, or simply “kedge” in our household, is a great way to use up leftover fish, rice and vegetables. We usually make it for supper, but sometimes we’ll eat it for lunch. We cooked this yesterday, and late that night I saw Anita’s post about A Taste of Yellow’s blog cook-off for the […]

Rice cooked in chicken stock

I usually cook rice with filtered water and a bit of salt. Maybe I toss in some random herbs or spices, or even a small dollop of olive oil or butter. This recipe is a more luxurious dish, for a special occaision, or simply to complement a strong flavored course or sauce (like the silky […]

Chicken rice soup for a cold

Or, rather, for the cold which has been haranguing me for nearly two weeks. This soup is quite simple: Throw rice into a pot of chicken stock, then simmer until done. The small amount of rice expands into a remarkably generous serving! Depending on your taste, you can additional spices or veggies. The basic recipe […]