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Clam & mussel chowder

With today’s overcast skies and hints of rain and chilliness, it’s looking more like Autumn. And so another meal-in-a-bowl recipe, this time the comforting goodness of chowder. (Hey! Both this and the last recipe started with frying up bacon. What’s with that? Need you ask? The Answer: Bacon saves.) If you really don’t like mussels, […]

Salmon tartare

Following the shrimp salad, this appears to be second in an inadvertent series of seafood concoctions to serve on bread. Not on purpose, not really. But faced with a large filet of fresh salmon, and a desire to try making something at home with raw fish… You get the picture. 🙂 Salmon tartare with chives, […]

Shrimp salad

Sandwich fillings and creamy salads seem to suffer from ennui, becoming almost annoyingly boring with tired combinations of ingredients —at least in most cafés and grocery stores. One thing I enjoy about traveling is other countries’ (or regions’) takes on such commonly eaten items. In the UK, for instance, they often have interesting fillings such […]

Broiled eel (unagi) over rice, two ways

Unagi kamameshi, unagi donburi, una-don, una-jyu: It goes by many names, and remains one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Obachan’s articles on unagi donburi and unagi mabushi, became catalysts for figuring out how to make them on my own. So I came up with two recipes. One which emulates the claypot to obtain the crust, […]

Whole bass roasted in a packet

One of my fondest food memories of London was at FishWorks in Chiswick. They prepared a whole bass with garlic, olive oil and herbs (rosemary and/or bay leaves), served hot from the parchment packet in which it was roasted. Oh, my, was it amazing. Photo by Simon. This recipe is my attempt to replicate that […]


Kedgeree, kitchiri, khichdi, or simply “kedge” in our household, is a great way to use up leftover fish, rice and vegetables. We usually make it for supper, but sometimes we’ll eat it for lunch. We cooked this yesterday, and late that night I saw Anita’s post about A Taste of Yellow’s blog cook-off for the […]

Baked Salmon with Fennel

Fennel bulb has a tangy, slight licorice flavor (but not overwhelmingly so) which goes nicely with fish. Sometimes I add a bit of minced garlic with the olive oil and wine mixture.