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Black sesame ice cream

Black sesame, or kuro goma (黒ごま), is used in several Japanese sweets. I especially love it in creamy puddings, including ice cream. If you want a goth dessert, eat this frozen, grey delicacy. 🙂 Swirling the custard. Custard mixed, ready for the ice cream maker.

Miso sauces and a marinade

I enjoy reading Elizabeth Andoh’s Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen, which includes a very useful collection of ingredient tips. She provides nearly two dozen sauce and broth recipes, which are fun to improvise on, such as the dashi I wrote about a while back. So today I present my trusty miso marinade, along […]

Broiled eel (unagi) over rice, two ways

Unagi kamameshi, unagi donburi, una-don, una-jyu: It goes by many names, and remains one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Obachan’s articles on unagi donburi and unagi mabushi, became catalysts for figuring out how to make them on my own. So I came up with two recipes. One which emulates the claypot to obtain the crust, […]

Matsutake cooked with rice

In late September I noticed that the local Japanese market was selling matsutake mushrooms. Being a seasonal delicacy —they’re foraged from the wild, as they don’t take to cultivation— matsutake are quite pricey! But the spicy smell called out to me, and I couldn’t resist a cooking experiment. After some web searches and poring over […]

Dashi: Japanese broth

Dashi is a broth and a staple in many Japanese soups, sauces and stews. The ingredients are inexpensive (well, if you have easy access to a Japanese or Asian grocery store), and it’s a breeze to make! Avoid boiling with kelp, and don’t let the bonito flakes steep for too long —both could result in […]