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Coconut Banana Pudding

The lime gives this pudding a nice, bright flavor.

Variations on risotto

This basic risotto recipe can be modified in many tasty ways. You can also reheat leftovers in a microwave oven. Here are some ingredient ideas: While heating the stock, throw in about an ounce of dried porcini mushrooms. After the mushrooms have reconstituted, remove and squeeze excess liquid back into the stock. Then treat the […]

Brown Rice, Bulgur and Nut Pilaf

Originally from Pamela Rino Evans, I’ve only lightly modified this dish. Experiment with nuts: I’ve used a mix of pine nuts and pecans, as well as cashews and pecans. You can also substitute chervil for the parsley. For extra spice-pep, add some cinnamon and/or ground coriander at step 3.

Sweet Sticky Rice with Tropical Fruit

This dessert is still good to eat even without fruit… Ripe mangoes are best, but bananas and papayas would work. Wonderful memories of Filipino food!