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Zucchini, (sweet) potato & cheese gratin

Here’s another dish that makes use of our garden’s summer surplus of zucchini. Inspired by the potato, squash & goat cheese gratin recipe from the The Kitchn, except that I reversed the proportions of summer squash and potato. And added sweet potato, changed the cheese composition, among one or two other things. 🙂

Curried zucchini & tomato soup

I had started writing up this recipe last summer, but got distracted by our renovation planning. What reminded me to post this was seeing a couple of tubs of this soup sitting in our freezer. In a few months we might make this again, if this year’s garden is as productive as 2009’s. § Here’s […]

Zucchini cilantro soup

At one of our favorite fanschy-schmancy restaurants, The Village Pub, I had a lovely zucchini soup lightly flavored with something lemony: lemon zest, lemongrass, or lemon verbena — I wasn’t sure which. But this got me thinking of another way to get through our large supply of zucchinis: make soup! My recipe is an adaptation […]

When summer overwhelms you with zucchini, make pancakes!

Once again I’m reminded of what happens when I turn my back and not do anything with zucchini for about five days: I get nearly six pounds of summer squash, looking up at me, threatening to explode into space-aged proportions. A remedy: Perform the summer version of the tuberous pancakes! The recipe is basically the […]

Zucchini & rice gratin

The annual zucchini inundation has been going on since last month. Usually we chop then dry-sautée three or four of them in olive oil, and serve as a side dish. But if we skip cooking zucchini for a week, we accumulate a bagful which sits forlornly in the fridge. So what do you do with […]