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Plugin setbacks with WordPress 2.7.1 upgrade

As usual, the WordPress upgrade to v2.7.1 went well. But (and should I not get too surprised?) there were a couple hitches with plugins. One of the issues is similar to last time, involving Comments Preview and (somehow) OpenID. But now it keeps insisting on entering something for the Name and Email fields. Even when they’re already filled in.

So it is with a heavy heart that I must disable comment previewing for the time being. However, I’m awaiting feedback from the Comments Preview developer, so perhaps there’ll be a fix in the near future.

The second problem deals with OpenID delegation, i.e., using my site’s URL via an OpenID provider. OpenID v3.2 now includes delegation, which is great: WP-Yadis should become obsolete, one less plugin to keep track of. But unfortunately, delegation through the OpenID doesn’t seem to work. I use delegation on other sites, especially for leaving comments, so I need to keep WP-Yadis around. :-/

Update (17 Feb 2009): Version 3.2.1 of the OpenID plugin was just released, and fixed the delegation issue. Yay!

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