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Goodbye OpenID

I’ve decided to stop using OpenID on this website for several reasons:

  1. The OpenID plugin for WordPress was last updated in 2012. I have stopped following its development, and I have also stopped trying to get past/possible issues to work properly with my site and theme. I just have not had the time for the past couple years, with other things on my plate.
  2. My OpenID provider (eponymous) has ceased operations.
  3. Other more popular (read: more easy to use by more people) means of authentication have cropped up, like reusing sign on info from Twitter, Facebook, Disqus, etc. Not sure when I’ll add these here—I’d like to, but please refer to the last sentence in #1. maintenance has become minimal, and will likely remain so for the time being. (“Unless something comes up,” etc. 😉 I want to continue to post about once a month, mostly food oriented stuff, because that content is ongoing.

Thank you for reading!

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