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Site updates, slowly, slowly

Indeed, my beloved theme veryplaintxt is too old for the latest version of WordPress. It’s one of several WP tasks to investigate.

Moreover, many of the plugins are either no longer supported or no longer working under WP 6 or later. Because of the upgrade from PHP 7 to PHP 8, I’ve deactivated the following plugins:

  • OpenID (1)
  • ZenShow (1)
  • Extended Live Archives (1)
  • Spam Karma 2 (1)
  • CyStat (1)
  • Search Everything (1)
  • StatPress (1)
  • Live Comment Preview
  • Custom Query String
  • Comment Email Responder
  • Login Stayput
  • Link Library Listed (2)


  1. Deactivated a while ago, alas.
  2. Hence, the broken Resources page. Likely will remove it, since many of the links are dead; my browser bookmarks contains more relevancy, but is of course too unwieldy to post (as well as huge to weed through these days).
  3. Displaying comments has been broken for a while. Unfortunately, switching to a newer theme doesn’t seem to help.😞 On the list to debug.
  4. I’ve installed the WP Mail SMTP to help with errors being sent to me. But the free lite version appears disabled for multisite administration, e.g., Another item to investigate, though the latter site is more up to date, infrastructure-wise.

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