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Blissfully smooth WordPress 2.5 upgrade

Upgrading from WordPress 2.3.x to 2.5 was as smooth as silk. No joke, I made only a few of core changes, but they were on the level of trivial tweaks:

  • Upload my preferred set of /wp-includes/images/smilies/.
  • Modify /wp-includes/functions.php to recognize said custom smilies.
  • Change /wp-includes/category-template.php to say articles instead of topics for title tips while hovering over tag links, darn it.

I like WordPress’s new admin UI, especially the spiffy blue-grey-orange color scheme. Even though I’m still playing with the interface, tasks remain straightforward.

What’s remaining? Upgrading my theme, but as with the upgrade to WP 2.3, I can work through that separately, at my convenience. In addition, I’ve noticed only one weird plugin issue, so far; can’t do much but wait until an update arrives for that.

Simple Tags v1.5.3: No longer see the long, sortable list of tags under Manage Tags. Being able to sort alphabetically (as well as by use) makes tag management bearable with the gazillion tags I have. I also prefer how Simple Tags allows removal and renaming of tags. Update (14 April 2008): Version 1.5.6, released yesterday, fixes the issue. Yay!

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