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What to do with pomegranate molasses?

On an impulse, I purchased a bottle of pomegranate molasses. It’s pomegranate juice concentrate, with no added sugar, and pours like ketchup. It’s not a bright magenta, or red like fresh pomegranates, or grenadine; more of a maroon-brown.

It’s very tart and somewhat sweet —prolly nowhere near as sharp as unsweetened passionfruit purée. It reminds me of sour cherry syrup, but less sweet and lacking the almond-y flavor stone fruits can have.

But what are some good recipes for pomegranate molasses? I did a little brainstorming (list below), but not much experimenting beyond the chicken sauce and soda flavoring. I’d love to hear about your recipes with it!

  • Chicken sauce made with pan drippings, a bit of water, and leftover white wine; emulsified with heavy whipping cream or crème fraîche.
  • Pour over yogurt, ice cream, toast, waffles or pancakes.
  • Flavor ice cream, frosting, or puddings.
  • Topping for fruits and vegetables.
  • Add to marinades or salad dressing. Or, schmear over chicken or seafood. Hmm, perhaps I could substitute some of the lemon juice in the yogurt marinade next time.
  • Garnish hummus or other dips. Update: Hm, not so great with the former; better to use raisins as the sweet-tart additive there.
  • Drinks: hot chocolate, seltzer water, alcoholic concoctions. Not very pretty with clear or translucent drinks, as it gives the liquid a brownish beer tone.

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  1. wrote:

    Google “fessenjan” for recipes for an Iranian chicken stew that uses pomegranate molasses as a main ingredient. The version I make is very easy, and makes lots of sauce, which I ladle over rice. Yum!

    Thursday, 5 March 2009 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

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