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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, weeks 22 & 23

The delays keep pouring in. Like a curve approaching its asymptote, our project ever so slowly nears its goal, over the exasperating, longer than expected passage of time. But I best leave disappointed reflection for a later entry, once the renovations are complete.

Week 22 saw only one day where construction work occurred: Some cabinetry fixes to accommodate the microwave and convection ovens, and tuning of the HVAC system. No name selected yet for the humongous heat pump.

During week 23 framers started a backyard landing (or steps) at the sliding door, but did not complete it because they were unsure if, for purposes of passing inspection and adhering to plans, it needed to be a landing or a set of steps. We had some more electrical work bits finished, which finally resulted in plugging in the ovens and an outlet for the kitchen ventilation hood.

In addition, the Swanstone shower surround was installed in the new bathroom! And after much delay, the kitchen subfloor has been leveled, ready (we hope) for Marmoleum Click installation.

shower surround recently installed

You may see more photographs at the gallery. There are three pages of albums for this project, so here’s a link to weeks 22 and 23.

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