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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 24

Finally, we had a week full of construction progress. Not finished, but getting close.

Plumbing work brought us sinks, faucets, bathroom fixtures and a dishwasher. It’s great to have more than one working sink now, especially with all the counter space we have. More ways to wash things! More space for stuff! More than one toilet in the house!

toilet wants an upgrade“Upgrade your seat to a Washlet®!” Now they tell us, after we had that conveniently located wiring removed. 😉

We also got a lot of floor work done. Not only did we get white oak flooring installed in the living-dining room (to be sanded and finished later, after the wood acclimates), but we finally had Marmoleum Click installed in the kitchen!

Marmoleum Click in kitchen, white oak in living-dining room

More messy drywall work ensued while fixing the firewall within the garage, in order to comply with the building code.

Carpentry continued: Steps from the kitchen to the garage and some door trim were installed. We learned that we need a proper landing to the backyard to satisfy code requirements; part of that has been built, but is incomplete since the framers ran out of wood.

Another painting milestone reached: We made a quick decision on the color for the new bathroom, and Simon carefully prepped and painted the room. 🙂

You may see more photographs at the gallery. There are now four pages of albums for this project, so here’s a link to week 24.

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