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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 2

There are a couple things I learned by the second week of construction. First, the combination of house chaos and being sick simply won’t work for getting up really early. As much as it’s good to have the contractors in at 7am and out by 3:30pm, adaptation to such a schedule just did not work for us given the circumstances. A work day from 8am to 4:30pm turns out to be much, much easier to cope with physically and emotionally, even if it’s only an hour’s difference.

Second, because we want to avoid dust as much as possible, we’ve had to seal up what rooms we do use: the existing bathroom, study and bedroom. The problem with that is ventilation. An air purifier helps in the bedroom. But things still get fuggy, e.g., dishes and towels don’t dry off nearly as quickly, if at all. We can’t really run any powered ventilation anyhow (fans or the vent in the bathroom), because half the house has no ceiling. The insulation and drywall won’t be installed until next month. So we have drafty days for a bit.

no ceiling yet

The foundation is complete, though, as are the joists to support the subfloor under the addition. Yay!

foundationCompleted foundation.

subfloor joistsJoists for the subfloor.

See more photographs at the gallery.

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