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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, weeks 19 & 20

Not much progress over the last two weeks. The final stucco coat was at last applied, and several components of the HVAC system were put in place: heat pump, register covers, thermostat, lines tested with nitrogen gas and refrigerant (result: no leaks, yay!). But we still have no centralized heating, because the electrical work is incomplete.

ginormous heat pumpMy, I’m large. What will you name me?

To add to the list of setbacks: We had told the general contractor about the uneven nature of the kitchen subfloor, due to the transition between old and new parts of the house, and they assured us that the flooring subcontractor would be able to make it level enough to lay down the tiles. But when the sub arrived, the subfloor wasn’t properly leveled by their (the sub’s) standards. Thus another delay.

Let’s step back, this being 20 weeks into the renovations, to review the major tasks remaining to do:

  • Finish electrical work: install remaining fixtures, turn on remaining circuits (like HVAC!), label the electrical box, etc.
  • Fix tile in bathroom floor, and install kitchen backsplash tile.
  • Install plumbing fixtures in kitchen. It’ll be great to have more than one working sink on this property.
  • Install kitchen appliances.
  • Install the shower surround and shower door.
  • Install bathroom fixtures.
  • Correctly level kitchen subfloor, then install Marmoleum Click tiles.
  • Install refrigerator and its waterline.
  • Install and repair hardwood floors.
  • Finish installing interior doors.
  • Build wood landings for the garage and backyard.
  • Install gutter downspouts.
  • Install trim for windows, doors and baseboards.

The above list isn’t by any means comprehensive, of course. For example, it doesn’t include the punch list of minor items, such as debris to be removed, holes needing patching, and so forth.

As usual, you may see more photographs at the gallery. There are three pages of albums for this project, so here’s a link to weeks 19 and 20.

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