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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 21

Finally some progress! Bathroom tile was fixed, kitchen backsplash tile was installed, and gutter downspouts were installed.

kitchen backsplash made of ceramic tiles

…And several more electrical bits hooked up — including HVAC! Well, the HVAC system needs a lot of tweaking — but, hey — except at a dorm back in college, I’ve never lived in a place with air conditioning. My Bay Area mentality still resists the idea, but our HVAC system has a heat pump, which apparently is more energy efficient than a conventional A/C condenser. Not only will there be no gas fueling the system, it will be powered by the juice squeezed from the future solar panels, however indirectly.

In addition, the contractors recently started to install the appliances, but due to a lack of prepping and missing parts, that aspect is temporarily on hold. Part of confusion is a notably absent inner metal shelf for the microwave to sit on top of the oven. Bosch shows it in their parts’ catalogs, but there is no part number or name associated with it. As if it shouldn’t exist! >:-|

vent hood set for looks, at leastVent hood set, but not functioning — no electrical outlet, for one. But I like how it makes the kitchen feel more like a kitchen. And yeah, those bright white wall plates and receptacles will depart soon, to make room for the steel and dark grey bits (sample near left).

You may see more photographs at the gallery. There are three pages of albums for this project, so here’s a link to week 21.

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