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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 3

An observation from the third week: It takes about three weeks before I notice tea stains in the bathroom sink. This is in spite of the SanaGloss finish in the porcelain bowl. Oh well, baking soda here we go.

We didn’t have much visual progress this week, primarily due to the rains. The framers installed plastic sheets and tarp, and the roofers came out to batten down the felt paper. After the storm, we only had about a square meter of dampness (near the backyard, not near where we hang out, fortunately), which dried up in a few days.

prep for stormy weather

Before the framers could continue, we had the subfloor plumbing installed. We need pipes for the new bathroom and kitchen, after all!

The plumbing work reminds me of something I dearly miss right now: decently tasting water. The paraffin (from flux in welding / soldering) and chlorine flavors REALLY drive me nuts. We can’t really attach a water filter to the bathroom sink or tub faucets, either. Sure, I could get flats of bottled water, but it goes against my waste reduction habits. And we’re rather short on room these days. Man, will I be happy to have those kitchen faucets installed. Perhaps sometime in December or January. :-/

outdoor subfloor plumbingA view of subfloor plumbing outdoors: Pipes for the kitchen sink.

See more photographs at the gallery.

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