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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, weeks 14 & 15

Not much occurred during the fourteenth week of renovations, other than installation of cabinetry toe-kicks and the shower pan in the new bathroom. We did, however, get most of our appliances and fixtures delivered.

The following week saw more activity: Second “brown coat” layer of exterior stucco applied, kitchen subfloor raised with 1/2″ plywood so that the cabinet height is more usable, the template made for the engineered quartz countertops, and some electrical fixtures installed, including lights, outlets and ceiling fans.

week 15: fixturesLamp shades for the pendants will come later.

We’re now in the finishes part of renovations, which means going through another round of “hurry up and wait” — essentially waiting for materials and labor to be ordered and scheduled, respectively.

But speaking of finishes, we (well, mostly Simon) managed to paint the kitchen. Pretty easy (okay, except for the time in prepping), since there’s not much wall space remaining after cabinets and tile. The tile, though, will come after the counter tops, which will be next week, maybe?

blue-grey paint vs primer white

Plus, here’s another cabinetry photo, because why not? At a glance the panels have a Shaker look, but up close you’ll see the inset trim which sets it apart from that popular style. Subtle, yet profound — for us, at least. 🙂

For the curious: The doors are a cope and stick inset style called “Denmark,” constructed from beech, by CalDoor. Our cabinet maker applied conversion varnish to give the wood a warm, durable clear finish.


Again, you may see more photographs at the gallery. There are now three pages of albums for this project, so here’s a link to weeks 14 and 15.

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