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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 4

By the fourth week, I could smell mildew on a towel. Yech! I do change the towels more frequently now, but this just serves as further evidence of our (however temporary) lack of proper ventilation.

In spite of this and a bit more delay due to rain, the framers managed to build quite a lot this week: subfloor insulation and ventilation, the subfloor itself, frames for the windows, a frame for the kitchen peninsula, a start on wall sheathing, as well as a start on the ceiling — all within the dining-living room.

And there’s the beam, to go between the existing house and the addition. Just waitin’ for next week. 🙂

The Big Beam

A garden view, through heavy eyebrows.

framed view

We’re coming upon our deadline for selecting finishes, which reminds me how much I can get frustrated with the creative aspect of design. I certainly have opinions when shown examples or choices, but boy do I suck at coming up with sensible patterns and color combinations. We’ve more or less decided on the counter surface, tile and flooring materials for the kitchen and bathroom. We’ll see whether they’ll fall within our contract’s allowances

See more photographs at the gallery.

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