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The Grand Remodel: The Construction Phase, week 6

Last week began with more rough plumbing, and support jacks on the addition’s roof for the solar panels. It ended up quite busy and productive, at one point with five sets of trades people (solar, plumber, insulators, framers, and roofers) onsite at once.

We finally got our spankin’ new roof! That! Should NOT! Leak!

finished roof & windows

In addition, the HVAC subcontractor installed the ductwork and registers, thus firmly pulling our heating (and cooling) system into the 21st century.

HVAC returnHVAC return in the hallway, a.k.a., the air intake.

Moreover, the temporary wall went away after the skylight and windows were installed. Hail to sunlight!

windows & light

Once again, you can see more photographs at the gallery. There are now two pages of weekly albums, so here’s a link to week 6.

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