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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Fiction books read in 2007 and beyond

I offer you my first past-year booklist for fiction (1). I know these are just capsule summary-reviews, but I want to keep track of what I’ve read, lest I fall back into the bad habit of forgetting. I’ve limited this entry to non-graphical works (2). Books are sorted alphabetically by author, then publication date. Because […]

Dropped animé series

There are so many animé television series. Many are gems, but several just cannot maintain my interest or attention. I’ve noticed that after watching the first (infrequently the second) disc, I’ll decide to continue with or drop a series. Usually I get that feeling of Meh where I wind up finding the plots, characters or […]

Food and loathing

Mediocre restaurants are unavoidable. But some of the baddies, ah, how they stick in my mind. Some of these are favorites for some of my friends. Oh well! To each their own (1).

Dishes prepared quasi-regularly

Sonya has wondered several times about creating a database of recipes that our friends use on a regular basis. For good reason, too: It’s a fine idea to see what constitutes day to day eating in other households! Although it’s more like dishes we prepare vaguely periodically, since some ingredients are seasonal, and our moods […]

Local Ethiopian restaurants

I love eating with my hands. Considering my hand-washing compulsion, it’s ironic yet compatible. Combine that with spicy food, and Ethiopian cuisine can winningly satisfy me. Some standbys and favorites: Injera, a teff based flatbread that’s sour, spongey and soft. A good collection of vegetarian dishes, such as kik alicha (yellow split peas), atakilt wot […]

Removed WP accounts

Because I no longer require user registration, I finally removed all Subscriber accounts on this site. You should still be able to leave comments, of course, as well as subscribe via the feeds. (My comment policy otherwise remains the same.)